Dar & Company


Dar & Company, founded in 1990, is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland.  We are an executive coaching and advisory company focused on the merchant energy, gas and electric utility industries.

Our clients have included executives and Board members at companies ranging from the largest utility holding and public power companies to mid cap independent oil and gas producers and merchant energy companies to energy start ups and new ventures. 

We have also assisted industrial finance executives and management of major energy equipment vendors.  Further, we have coached and guided executives through the creation and launch of energy service and energy trading joint ventures; development of major new subsidiaries of utility holding companies; and the material repositioning and reorganization of existing businesses.

The defining challenge for executives and Boards today is navigating through turbulent times.  Navigation requires separating events from trends, distinguishing noise from truth and acting affirmatively rather than reacting defensively.

Headline driven noise and media driven events intrude onto the schedules of almost all executives and Board members forcing them to divert time, money and energy from business and creating value for shareholders, employees and customers.  Reacting to unfiltered information at the expense of understanding and assimilating trends and the interpretation and synthesis of business intelligence is not good for executives, Board members or the business.

Dar & Company specializes in helping clients separate events from trends and
 in coaching senior executives on how to navigate through turbulent times.  We work one-on-one with top executives and senior management teams.  We limit our advice and coaching to a few clients at any given time to ensure loyalty, avoid conflicts, maintain the flexibility to accommodate continually changing schedules and guarantee focused attention to individual needs and preferences.