Dar & Company

How We Help Clients Succeed

Our clients succeed when they combine intuition with experience and knowledge to navigate through turbulence.  Our coaching and advice hones our clients’ intuition while adding to their stock of knowledge.

Navigation entails identifying patterns of continuity and patterns of change and then acting on these patterns to make better decisions quicker and managing issues, problems or challenges in parallel rather than sequentially.

Identifying patterns requires eliminating noise to illuminate useful information and then connecting the dots of useful information to find the patterns.  Our skill and value lies in helping clients become better at pattern identification, in learning how to adapt, in developing a menu of decisions and options, in packaging and communicating their ideas and decisions and in speeding up their responses so they can adapt better and faster.

We use periodic personal or small group meetings, occasional large formal presentation and frequent informal and formal written communications.  These communications are both electronic and hard copy.  We typically augment the face-to-face meetings with short, scheduled, phone conferences.

In addition to the coaching and advice format described above, we undertake defined consulting engagements that result in formal, written work products.  These work products are produced when clients require deep analysis of specific issues, opportunities, risks, organizational design or business plans or proposals during the course of their executive or Board member decision making.