Dar & Company

Profile of Vinod K. Dar

Mr. Dar is the founder and Managing Director of Dar & Company, which was established in 1990. He specializes in enterprise strategy and startups both for clients and as a principal.  

His professional focus is on corporate strategy, new ventures, information technology solutions to enhance revenue streams, and enterprise risk management. In the past 15 years, he has served on the Boards of four public energy companies traded on NASDAQ, AMEX and the NYSE, and has been a senior executive at five energy and professional service companies. Most of Mr. Dar’s consulting engagements have consisted of rapidly launching new businesses or business units for clients and providing senior strategic advice on high-stake issues.  His clients over the past two decades have been energy companies in every segment of the industry chain from utility holding companies and their subsidiaries to financial houses and technology vendors.

His articles and speeches in 1995 were among the first to anticipate and explore industry convergence within the energy industry and between the electric and telecom industries. Mr. Dar has written over 100 articles on oil, gas, and electricity strategy, marketing, industry structure and economics, regulatory policy, and the future of these industries.

MS, Management and Finance, Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1973-1975; Doctoral program, Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1975-1978.